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The COVID-19 pandemic continues to pose a tremendous risk to the health and safety of people throughout the world and seriously jeopardizes future economic prospects on an international scale.

The 137th Session of the Customs Co-operation Council, through a Council Resolution (December 2020) has invited the WCO Members and Secretariat to take action for protecting people’s health and safety during the global distribution of the COVID-19 vaccines.

The webinars will be delivered from 21 to 28 January 2021 using the Microsoft Teams platform. It is expected that seven (7) webinars will be organized and delivered that cover the six (6) WCO regions.

The webinars will made be available in the English, French, Arabic, Russian and Spanish languages to all WCO Members, RILOs and CCP units.

This 1st series of webinars will provide customs with knowledge of the essential characteristics and specifications of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccines. This will enable Customs to be better equipped to identify and limit the traffic of counterfeit COVID-19 vaccines. The first series of webinars will be followed by additional WCO webinars with the active participation of the pharmaceutical industries that have produced COVID-19 vaccines.


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