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Cargo and Container Training Center

The Cargo and Container Training Center is located at the ROCB Europe premises and intended for providing training for front-line customs officers on cargo and container control matters both theoretically and practically.


The center, which was built with the kind support of Customs Administration of the Netherlands, is the second center worldwide after the one in Rotterdam. Its modelling is also inspired by the design of Rotterdam Center.

The Center was opened on 18 October 2016, on the same day of 5th Anniversary of ROCB Europe. 

Increased level of international trade and corresponding use of containers require growing attention to the need for better scrutiny with a view to ensuring effective Customs controls. The Cargo and Container Training Center provides yet another useful and effective training facility for Customs community.

ROCB Europe hosts cargo and container trainings at the center ex officio or upon receiving requests from member administrations.

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