Regional Office for Capacity Building for the World Customs Organization Europe Region

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On 27 April 2021, a virtual meeting was held between the WCO Capacity Building Directorate and the ROCB Europe on the work done and future prospects. The event was attended by Capacity Building Director Mr. Taeil Kang and Head of ROCB Europe, Mr. Eser Çengel.



At the consultative meeting, which focused on the goals and activities ahead, Mr. Taeil Kang praised the work of ROCB Europe, which is seen important for the Region. He noted that ROCB Europe is actively involved in providing capacity building. As a result, he underlined, today the ROCB plays an important role for the Member Administrations of the WCO Europe Region. Mr. Kang also gave overall information about the recent developments and upcoming projects within the frame of WCO and capacity building efforts.

Noting that he was pleased with the views expressed, Mr. Eser Çengel also gave detailed information about the activities of the Office over the recent period. He informed the director about several initiatives implemented by the ROCB Europe, stressing that the work has been performed in accordance with the current conditions due to the COVID 19. Touching upon the area of future cooperation and highlighted efforts of the ROCB Europe in customs capacity building, he thanked Mr. Kang for the ongoing and extensive support from the Capacity Building Directorate by expressing the importance of mentioned support from the WCO in order to reach new achievements.

The event ended with exchange of views on the upcoming initiatives and future prospects.