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Azerbaijan Customs continues its operations in order to prevent illicit trafficking of drugs and psychotropic substances going through the territory of the country. Successful operations by Azerbaijani Customs Officers that prevent an attempt to smuggle more than 660.4 kilograms of heroin.

As a result of measures taken by the customs authorities more than 527 kilograms of heroin, 133.4 kilograms of opium were seized in 3 facts.

527 kilograms of heroin - based on the information received, a vehicle belonging to the Islamic Republic of Iran carrying "cargo of chemicals and desiccant additives" from the Islamic Republic of Iran to the Republic of Latvia, transiting through the territory of Azerbaijan, was detained at the customs border.

- 133.4 kilograms of opium - a vehicle traveling through the territory of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic was inspected by a service dog at the checkpoint at the Shahtakhti state border.  As a result of the service dog's reaction, 68 kilograms 390 grams of opium were found in 26 bags with a total weight of 19,230 kilograms of black sponge (pumice) stone and 65 kilograms and 020 grams of opium were found in 26 bags with a total weight of 19,970.+

Based on the findings, the investigation revealed that the main destination for illicit drugs is the European region. With conducting security risk analysis and increasing the effectiveness of security measures, the Republic of Azerbaijan is constantly strengthening the fight against drug trafficking in the region.






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