Regional Office for Capacity Building for the World Customs Organization Europe Region

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The 3rd meeting of the WCO Europe Region National Contact Points for Capacity Building was held at the Regional Office for Capacity Building for the WCO Europe Region in Baku, Azerbaijan from 27 to 29 January 2020.

19 Member Administrations, WCO Secretariat, the Vice-Chair of the WCO Europe Region as well as the ROCB Europe were represented in the meeting. The WCO Secretariat delegation was headed by the Director of the WCO Capacity Building Directorate, Mr. Taeil Kang. In this context, the will for further support for the regional affairs on customs capacity building was highlighted with the high level participation by the WCO Secretariat.

During the meeting, the participants were informed about the WCO and ROCB Europe strategies, activities and initiatives. The national contact points also reviewed and reached a consensus on the documents which foresee structural framework for ROCB Europe as well as for the national contact points for capacity building. It was agreed that the documents would be further refined and would be presented at the upcoming Heads of Customs Conference.

During the three-day session, participating delegates briefed about the capacity building processes in their respective customs administrations and the progress achieved within the scope of Mercator Program.

The meeting also served as a platform for enhancing the communication among the WCO Secretariat, ROCB Europe and participating member administrations.