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Officials from the Žilina customs office in Slovakia helped the driver who came sick last week. The officials noticed the driver in a parked vehicle while on duty.

Officials who were moving to the place of the planned control activities towards Svrčinovec, noticed a parked vehicle with warning lights on in the opposite direction near Kysucký Lieskovec. A young man was sitting in the vehicle, in an unnatural position with his head bowed. Customs staff did not hesitate to turn around on the way. As they approached the driver, they noticed that he was having difficulty breathing, holding on to his chest, and unable to call an ambulance.

While one of the patrol members ensured the safety and fluidity of the road traffic, others moved the man out of the car and called an ambulance. They provided the necessary care to a 21 - year - old man from Čierny until the arrival of rescuers.


Source & full text: Slovakia Customs