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Even in the time of the coronavirus pandemic, the Bratislava customs officers must ensure smooth service. Personal protective equipment, increased hygiene measures and adjusted office hours have become part of their working life. Although they are exposed to a high risk of being exposed to viruses, the performance of the service cannot be restricted or stopped during this period.

Members of the Bratislava Customs Office (CÚ) Station are currently carrying out increased checks when entering Slovakia at the Jarovce and Bratislava / Berg border crossings. Increased supervision is provided continuously by four two-member patrols in four-shift services. The introduction of these reinforced control measures was preceded by an information campaign in cooperation with the civil protection staff of the Crisis Management Section of the Ministry of the Interior and the Police Force of the Slovak Republic in relation to the prevention of respiratory disease COVID-19. Members of the financial administration cooperate with the police and the army at the mentioned border crossings.


Source & full text: Slovakia Customs