Regional Office for Capacity Building for the World Customs Organization Europe Region

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A delegation from ROCB Europe recently engaged in a highly productive and insightful meeting with the Asian Development Bank's (ADB) Azerbaijan Resident Mission. The meeting, held on 11 September 2023, brought together Ms. Candice McDeigan, the Country Director of ADB Azerbaijan Resident Mission, and ROCB Europe representatives.

The gathering served as a platform for both entities to discuss and identify avenues of mutual interest and collaboration in several key sectors. The discussions focused on various aspects, including customs, trade governance, supply chain management, the enhancement of public sector efficiency, and the development of human capital.

During the meeting, Ms. Candice McDeigan emphasized the importance of fostering stronger ties and knowledge exchange between organizations with complementary goals. She expressed her enthusiasm for potential collaboration between ADB and ROCB Europe, underscoring the potential benefits for the region and beyond.

ROCB Europe's delegation, led by Mr. Antonio Lo Parco, reciprocated this sentiment by acknowledging the value of collaboration in addressing common challenges and facilitating sustainable development.

The meeting concluded with a commitment from both parties to continue exploring potential collaborative projects in these areas. It was agreed that further discussions and joint initiatives would be pursued to maximize the impact of this partnership on regional development and economic growth.