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A National Workshop on Combating Counterfeiting and Piracy for Indirect Taxation Authority of Bosnia and Herzegovina was carried out from 16 to 18 December 2020. The Workshop was delivered by the WCO Secretariat whereas financed by the Customs Co-operation Fund of Japan (CCF/Japan) and technically supported by the ROCB Europe.

The 3-day Workshop was realized in the frame of the WCO Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Health and Safety Programme. During the event, information on the trend in illicit trade during the Covid-19 crisis, Operation STOP outcomes and the WCO Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) CENcomm Group was shared with the participants. Meanwhile, overview on risk management within the context of IPR infringements, detection of inconstancies and other related topics were elaborated.

The Indirect Taxation Authority of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Right Holders also made presentations and provided information about their activities. The workshop included roundtable discussions as well.

The ROCB Europe, adopting a proactive approach, continues to support the capacity building delivery for the Member Administrations in the WCO Europe Region in close cooperation with the WCO Secretariat. The ROCB Europe works toward strengthening the modernization of Member Administrations in an effort to achieve common objectives.


Bosnia WS December 2020