Regional Office for Capacity Building for the World Customs Organization Europe Region

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In today's highly competitive and globalized world, great achievements are possible only through the constant updating and expansion of knowledge and experience.

To this end, Regional Office for Capacity Building for the World Customs Organization Europe Region (ROCB Europe) and French Customs Service, Member Administration of WCO Europe Region, held a meeting on March 31, in order to evaluate the possibility and tentative way forward for expanding cooperation, including but not limited to organizing joint events, collaborating on trainings and build environment for exchange of experience.

During the meeting, the importance of organizing effective and useful trainings for Customs officials of the Customs Administrations in the WCO Europe Region with a view to increasing knowledge and skills as well as professional competency was highlighted.

Mr. Eser ÇENGEL, Director of ROCB Europe mentioned the role of ROCB Europe in identifying common issues in the Region for implementation of new initiatives and providing seminars, workshops, or direct consultancy to address issues.

Mr. Mirhasan SEYİDZADE, Executive Officer at ROCB Europe, spoke about the contribution of the participation of experts of French Customs Service in events.

Ms. Edwige PRESLE-WEISS, Customs Attaché of French Customs Service, assessed possible prospects for future cooperation and stressed the importance of developing bilateral relations. She mentioned it would be possible to include experts from French Customs Administration to participate the events.

It was also noted at the meeting that in order to increase the level of theoretical knowledge and professional skills, consistent measures are being taken to further improve the organization of capacity building activities and build it in terms of modern requirements by ROCB Europe.