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The largest amount of cocaine seizure in the history of our country was achieved in the huge operation carried out by the Customs Enforcement teams of the Ministry of Commerce at Mersin Port. As a result of the operation, over 1 ton of cocaine, which was tried to be brought into our country illegally, was seized.

Within the scope of the fight against narcotic crimes carried out by the General Directorate of Customs Enforcement, a suspicious container that came to Turkey after being loaded from Ecuador and was declared to be carrying bananas was followed by the General Directorate teams.

After the ship carrying the container docked at Mersin Port, action was taken together with the Mersin Customs Enforcement Smuggling and Intelligence Directorate NARKOKİM teams. Immediately after the suspicious container was evacuated from the ship, the container was sent for x-ray scanning.

Suspicious density was detected in the scan and narcotic detector dogs were activated. After the detector dogs reacted to the load in the container, a detailed search was started and it was determined that a historical drug shipment was made in the container, hidden in the loaded goods.

In the analysis of the sample taken from the detected large amount of drugs with a drug and chemical test device, it was understood that it was cocaine.

1 ton of 150 kilos of cocaine seized by Customs Enforcement teams was recorded as the highest amount of cocaine seized at one time in Turkey.