Regional Office for Capacity Building for the World Customs Organization Europe Region

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The internship of students who will graduate from the bachelor's degree in 2021-2022 of the specialty "Economics" of the Faculty of Customs of the Academy of the State Customs Committee of the Republic of Azerbaijan in ROCB Europe continues successfully.

The main purpose of the internship is to strengthen the theoretical knowledge of the students, to provide information about new technologies and working methods depending on their specialization profiles and characteristics, and also to gain business, organizational and technological skills.

During the internship, students were acquainted with the activities of the ROCB Europe and executive officer at ROCB Europe gave detailed information about the working principle of the Office. Students who gain experience in their field of study are also acquainted with the existing work processes in the Office and gain basic professional skills in certain areas.

In the internship program developed by ROCB Europe, experienced office staff taught students the goals, principles of the World Customs Organization and its role in the organization of customs and its strategic plan, the expansion of international cooperation in the field of customs, as well as the stages of development and prospects of cooperation between the Republic of Azerbaijan and the WCO brought to attention.

It is also mentioned that the role of the ROCB is to co-ordinate Customs capacity building activities in the region to promote and support the implementation of the objectives of the WCO at a regional level.         

During the training organized by the ROCB Europe, students were provided with relevant information about container transportation, its history, types of containers, specifications, markings, international turnover, offenses committed in the use of containers in the illegal transportation of smuggled goods.

Mr. Haji HAJIYEV, Executive officer at ROCB Europe, informed students about the Cargo and Container Training Center, operating at the ROCB Europe premises, started hosting cargo and container trainings on October 18, 2016. At a time when the role of containers in international freight transportation has increased significantly, the customs officers of the Member Administration of WCO Europe region are regularly trained on both cargo and container control, both theoretically and practically, in order to ensure the safe and fast transportation of cargo.

The students, in turn, said they were satisfied with the internship and that the internship could have a positive impact on their future careers.