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International Customs Day is celebrated by the Customs community every year on 26 January. It is the date on which the Customs Cooperation Council, the official name of the World Customs Organization (WCO), held its first meeting in 1953.

The WCO chosen the theme for 2018 as “A secure business environment for economic development.” In this context, the WCO urges its Members to look for possibilities to furnish 'an environment for businesses that will foster their participation in cross-border trade'.

Acting as a hub for the efforts for enhancing customs capacities in the WCO Europe Region, ROCB Europe will continue its work in 2018 on upholding the effectiveness of Customs Administrations aimed at better customs services as well as secure and facilitated trade operations in an all-inclusive manner, covering all stakeholders including the private sector.

ROCB Europe wishes Customs community a cheerful International Customs Day.


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