Regional Office for Capacity Building for the World Customs Organization Europe Region

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Dear representatives of the international customs family, customs officers and veterans of the customs authorities!

ROCB Europe congratulates you on the International Customs Day!

Today is celebrated by more than 800,000 customs officers around the world. International Customs Day is not only a manifestation of international customs solidarity, but also draws public attention to the economic and social development of society, as well as the important role of customs authorities.

The World Customs Organization works toward the highest compatibility and unity in customs among its Member Administrations. In the same vein, ROCB Europe strives to enhance the level of activities in customs capacity building delivery to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of Member Administrations.




Dear customs officers!

We congratulate you on the occasion of the International Customs Day and wish you success and good health in your difficult, honorable and responsible work on protecting society, public health and safety.


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