Regional Office for Capacity Building for the World Customs Organization Europe Region

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From 15 March 2021, postal services and express air carriers must be connected to the Import Control System (ICS2). The European Union is thereby strengthening its defense against the importation of dangerous or illegal goods into its territory. The customs authorities must receive all the necessary information before the consignments arrive at the borders of the Union.

The pan-European ICS2 system will be operational from next week. It will collect and analyze all data on goods before they reach the EU's borders. Customs authorities, including the financial administration, will thus be able to thoroughly verify that consignments coming from third countries do not pose a security and safety risk. In this way, they can identify in time and better e.g. import of weapons, explosives, dual-use goods, biological, chemical, radiological or nuclear material.


Source & full text: Slovenia Customs