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ROCB Europe Launches Coronavirus Bulletin


The coronavirus (Covid-19) disease outbreak has spread around the world in a relatively short time. Governments are taking measures in an effort to curb the spread and harm of the virus. The World Health Organization declared the Covid-19 disease as pandemic.

Up to the present time, may countries have implemented measures such as closing borders, halting flights, stopping cross-border passenger movements, introducing health controls among others. Accordingly, Customs Administrations are moving toward having additional precautions with respect to cross-border movements.

The World Customs Organization has introduced a dedicated page for the coronavirus disease which includes many useful information for Customs Administrations. The page also includes the best practices received from the Members in response to Covid-19 outbreak.

The ROCB Europe launched its 'Coronavirus Bulletin' which is intended to provide latest updates and information links on Covid-19 outbreak.