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RTC Nur-Sultan

The main event of 2009 which has given a new impulse to the customs service of the Republic of Kazakhstan in mutual relations with WCO, was an official ceremony of signing the Memorandum between Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan and WCO about establishing WCO Regional training center in Astana.  

According to the mentioned memorandum Training-methodical center of Customs Control Committee of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan has obtained an international status and became the fifth regional training center of the WCO European region.

RTC Astana

The concept of establishing WCO RTC is developed proceeding from the state interests on acquisition of regional customs services by the qualified and professionally prepared experts, capable to provide introduction and use of progressive measures in customs management, hence, to increase the level of efficiency of all customs activity.  

RTC is considered as a connection link between European and Central-Asian regions which aspires to use regional interaction, maintain close relations with regional and foreign customs services.  

RTC’s objects are follows:  

 - establishing contacts with foreign educational institutions;  
 - planning and carrying out of international events directed on improvement of professional skills of customs bodies employees in priority directions;  

 - Development of cooperation in sphere of training with international programs and organizations accredited in the Republic of Kazakhstan, according to cooperation agreements;  

 - organization of international workshops, conferences, forums in RTC;  

 - Introduction of WCO distance learning (E-learning) In educational process.  

Official opening of WCO RTC in Astana took place on December, 14th 2009, Where Prime minister of the Republic of kazakhstan K.K. Masimov, Minister of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan B.B. Zhamishev, WCO General Secretary  

Mr. Kunio Mikuriya took part, and also Heads of customs services from Central Asian countries.  

On December, 14-15th, 2009 the first regional workshop «Integrated borders management» was held, where WCO experts, representatives of customs services from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Mongolia, Russia, Tajikistan and Ukraine were involved. Participants of the workshop discussed most thorny questions, considered prospects of perfection of the integrated control on border, considered world experience in the area of borders control.  

During the period of May, 11th-14th 2010 TMC of CCC of the MF of the RK was visited by Ms. Benedict Meil, WCO Capacity Building Directorate training activity development manager.  

The purpose of the visit was to identify roles and duties of WCO Regional Training Center in Astana to provide its full functioning and vigorous activity in the area of capacity building in the WCO European region.  

Further plans on training of customs bodies employees were discussed with expert from WCO, issues on establishments of close interaction among other Regional Training Centres, WCO Regional Office of Capacity Building and WCO Secretary.  

Following visit results the WCO expert has noted harmonious work of TMC employees with other international organizations on joint execution of events.  

In order to develop bilateral relations between customs bodies of Kazakhstan and World Customs Organization in the field of customs bodies employees training, and also to apply conventions, recommendations and other international documents in sphere of customs business, Customs Control Committee of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan during his official visit to the Kingdom of Belgium On October, 25-26th, 2010 the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N.A. Nazarbayev has signed an agreement with World Customs Organization concerning installation of e-learning program in the Regional Training Center in Astana city.  

Implementation of given contract will encourage making of essential contribution to development of cooperation between customs service of the Republic of Kazakhstan and WCO in field of Kazakhstan Republic’s customs bodies officials training. 


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