Regional Office for Capacity Building for the <br/>World Customs Organization Europe Region

Regional Office for Capacity Building for the World Customs Organization Europe Region

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RTC Khmelnitsky

The WCO Regional Training Center (RTC) is an interdisciplinary center of academic level for the WCO European region, which performs full-time training, vocational training and scientific researches in  the field of customs affairs, and which is striving to become the key player in this field on the regional and international levels.


RTC Ukraine Vision 

It is a unique training and methodological WCO Center of academic level and a pilot basis of the WCO European region for implementing Standards at academic level as well as institutional development and members’ support strategies. The activity of RTC is based on training, methodological, scientific and organizational work.  

RTC Ukraine Strategy 

Regional partnership is aimed at the implementation of the training plan of the Regional Capacity Building Center, meeting the regional needs and spreading of the WCO instruments and Standards.  

RTC Ukraine Goals   
 Promotion and support of implementation of the WCO policy at the regional level; performance of training expertise through development of regional training expertise and extension of the mixed training network;  
 -  Creation of an integrated system of vocational training of Customs officers under auspices of RTC, carrying on scientific researches;  
 -  Promotion of regional partners’ network of Regional Trainings Centers.  

The priority directions of RTC Ukraine development:  

·Providing the region with trainers-experts (training of the regional experts within the WCO format);  

Development of the regional trainings;  

The WCO mixed training programs adaptation to the regional requirements and maintenance  

·Development of RTC as the Center of the best practices for the WCO European region  

·Conducting and coordination of scientific researches  

·Designing and supporting the databases of trainers-experts and Customs higher education institutions.  

The center of the best practices:  

·Active participation in the implementation and updating of the WCO Standards;  

·Development, evaluating, piloting and implementation of the Standards through holding of trainings and developing of manuals in the field of Customs affairs;  

·Creation of the Customs training ground on the European pattern.