Regional Office for Capacity Building for the World Customs Organization Europe Region

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RTC Budapest

Wishes to play an important role in the organizational development of Customs administrations in the Region especially towards neighbouring countries and Balkan countries through the delivery of regionally relevant and adapted training and training services with the purpose of rendering assistance. Accordingly develops specific training programmes for the region based on adapted material provided by the WCO Secretariat or by developing specific regional material.  

Aims to exploit regional synergies, liaises closely with regional and local stakeholders and donors supporting organizational development, and deals with region specific issues in a more immediate and relevant way.  

Intends to a significant increase in the skills and knowledge of national Customs officials through organizing and hosting domestic trainings and in-service courses.

RTC Budapest


RTC Budapest Updates:

Customs-Tax Conference on “Innovation, Digitalization, Knowledge Management” (November 2017)

Regional Seminar on Innovative Methods in National and International Trade Control (December 2017)