Региональное бюро по созданию потенциала для Всемирной таможенной организации Регион Европы

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WCO Europe Region Heads of Customs Conference will be held from 24 to 27 April 2019 in Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation according to the invitation letter circulated by the Vice-Chair of the WCO Europe Region, Russian Federation.

The invitation letter, agenda and documents for arrangements and related forms are available at the ROCB Europe web site.  

Please check regularly the dedicated page for the WCO Europe Region Heads of Customs Conference 2019 in the member section of the ROCB Europe web site for the availability of other meeting materials to be uploaded. ROCB Europe will upload other meeting documents as soon as received from the Vice-Chair.

If you have not registered to the ROCB web site yet, please do so through this link. Be advised to use your official e-mail address (such as .gov domain names) in an effort to speed up the verification process of your registration.