Региональное бюро по созданию потенциала для Всемирной таможенной организации Регион Европы

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A new staff member to the ROCB Europe has been assigned by the State Customs Committee of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Mr. Mirhasan Seyidzade, has been working at the State Customs Committee of the Republic of Azerbaijan for three years. He was hired as a lecturer at the Customs Academy of the State Customs Committee. Then he was promoted to Human Resources Department and International Cooperation Department accordingly. 

Mr. SEYIDZADE holds a Master’s Degree in Finance from the Queen Mary University of London and he continues his Doctoral degree (PhD) on Fiscal Policy and Public Finance.

Azerbaijan Customs has been providing extensive support to the ROCB Europe since the establishment of the Office not only strategically but also in terms of human resources as the host administration. 

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