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During the 15th meeting of the Capacity Building Committee, the meeting featured a landmark discussion with Ms. Maka Khvedelidze, Technical Officer/Lead Performance Measurement Officer at the World Customs Organization (WCO), focusing on the pivotal WCO Performance Measurement Mechanism (PMM) project.

Held as part of ROCB Europe's ongoing commitment to bolstering customs administration efficiency, the session witnessed the esteemed participation of Mr. Vugar Asgarov, a distinguished representative from the Azerbaijan customs service and head of its Human Resources unit. This assembly of customs and capacity building experts underscored the ROCB's dedication to fostering collaborative efforts in customs enhancement across ROCB Europe. 

The dialogue centered on the operational framework, benefits, and applicability of the WCO PMMM, a project designed to revolutionize the way customs performances are measured and improved. Ms. Maka Khvedelidze, elucidating the project's objectives and implementation strategies, provided an in-depth overview of the PMMM. Her presentation aimed to acquaint the meeting's participants with the mechanism's innovative approach to measuring customs performance, highlighting its potential to significantly elevate the efficacy of customs operations worldwide. 

The discussions delved into the practicalities of the PMMM, exploring how it can serve as a tool for customs administrations to self-assess and continuously enhance their operational effectiveness. The participants engaged in a productive exchange of ideas, reflecting on how the PMMM could be tailored to fit the unique needs and challenges of their respective customs environments.

Mr. Vugar Asgarov's participation further enriched the discourse, offering insights into the Azerbaijan customs service's perspective on capacity building and performance measurement. His contributions emphasized the importance of human resources in the successful adoption and implementation of the PMMM, underscoring the role of skilled personnel in driving customs efficiency and effectiveness.

The 15th meeting of the WCO Capacity Building Committee marks a pivotal moment in the organization's efforts to advance customs administration through innovative tools and collaborative initiatives. By facilitating discussions on the WCO Performance Measurement Mechanism, ROCB Europe is at the forefront of promoting best practices and cutting-edge methodologies in customs operations, paving the way for a more efficient, transparent, and effective customs administration landscape globally.