Региональное бюро по созданию потенциала для Всемирной таможенной организации Регион Европы

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In a significant stride toward fostering international customs cooperation, Mr. Antonio Lo Parco, Director of the ROCB Europe, engaged in pivotal discussions with Mr. Taeil Kang, Director of the World Customs Organization (WCO) Capacity Building Directorate. This exchange took place during the esteemed Global Meeting of the Regional Entities established by WCO Members and the Council Vice-Chairs' Offices, marking a momentous occasion for strengthening global customs partnerships.

During the meeting, the spotlight was on the flourishing collaboration between ROCB Europe and the WCO Secretariat. Mr. Kang lauded the extensive activities and developmental strides undertaken by ROCB Europe, emphasizing the office's critical role in shaping the knowledge and competencies of customs officers within the Member Administrations of the WCO Europe Region. He underscored the directorate's commitment to supporting ROCB Europe's continuous growth and the promising outlook for future cooperation.

CB meeting

Expressing his appreciation, Mr. Antonio Lo Parco highlighted the invaluable support from the Directorate of Capacity Building of the WCO, which has been instrumental in forging robust cooperation relations. This partnership is vital for the ongoing efforts to enhance effectiveness of customs operations across the region.

The discussions also featured insights from Mr. Mirhasan Seyidzade, Deputy Director of ROCB Europe, elaborated on the office's overarching activities, international relations, and projects. His speech illuminated the comprehensive efforts undertaken by ROCB Europe to advance customs administration and facilitate capacity-building efforts.

The gathering underscored the shared commitment of ROCB Europe and the WCO CB Directorate to drive forward the development of customs knowledge and skills, setting a positive trajectory for the future.

As ROCB Europe continues to work closely with the WCO and its members, this meeting marks a significant milestone in the journey towards enhanced global customs efficiency and cooperation.